ClickFunnels Dream Car

ClickFunnels Dream Car

Do you know about the ClickFunnels win your dream car? Do you want to join ClickFunnels dream car contest? You could be the next winner of a new brand car by referring 100 paying customers to ClickFunnels.

Really! Yes.

What’s your dream car?

  • Is it Lamborghini?
  • Is BMW?
  • Is it, Tesla?
  • Is it, Ferrari?
  • Is it Corvette?
  • Or any favorite car not listed above?


Requirements for ClickFunnels Dream Car

ClickFunnels affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn a full-time income and become one of the dream car winners by referring active members to them.

Clickfunnels will cut you a check of $500 to $1000 to pay your car monthly installment. How do feel if you got a new dream car today by becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate?

For sure, you will be excited, right?

ClickFunnels has given away hundreds of cars to many supper affiliates and still giving more every year.

ClickFunnels to my opinion is the best affiliate program to join as an affiliate. 

Here are the amazing benefits of becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate member;

  • Earn instant 40% on every customer you referred to CickFunnels
  • Get 40% reoccurring payment every month
  • Automatically qualify for ClickFunnels Win your dream car 

ClickFunnels has done one of the smartest things with its affiliate by having a dream car contest. 

ClickFunnels dream car contest

The good thing about the dream car contest is you only have to send 100 active members to qualify. This is a golden opportunity for you to get your dream car by joining the ClickFunnels affiliate program today. 

How amazing is ClickFunnels affiliate program is, you are not only earning money from your active leads but also get your dream car plus $500 – $1000 to pay off the car monthly installment.

Smart affiliates like me will all focus on promoting big affiliate programs like ClickFunnels because the rewards are big.

With the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you only have to do the job once and never have to work again. The benefits (Money) keep flowing every month as long your leads remains an active ClickFunnels member.

I want My Dream Car, How to Get One for FREE?

 As a member of ClickFunnels, you qualify automatically to win your “Dream Car” contest. As you signup new members to ClickFunnels, you become closer to getting that “DREAM CAR” right before you.

 Follow these steps to qualify:

 Step #1: Signup for ClickFunnel affiliate account

Step #2: Start promoting your ClickFunnels affiliate link – There are countless ways to generate leads through your affiliate links. You can post your links on Forums, Run PPC ads, Facebook promotion, and blog content promotion.

 Step #3: Get active Click Funnels Member: As soon as you reach 100 paying members, you qualify for a dream car. Go and lease a car, and send them proof you got it. 

 Step #4: Get $500 per month extra payment sent to you – As long you maintained a minimum of 100 active members, ClickFunnels will send your payment on your dream car.

 Step #5 – Increase your leads by 200 Members – Once you have at least 200 active leads, CLickFunnels will send you $1,000 monthly to reimburse your dream car payments.

 Make More Money and Get Overpaid As Super Affiliates And Earn Commissions On All Of Our Best Selling Products!

 As I said earlier, you will not only Win your dream car for every member you refer to Clickfunnels but earn a reoccurring big commission on every sale. I Don’t want to wait any longer, I want to join now



 One of the reasons I love ClickFunnels is the Sticky cookies technology that ensures you get paid from anyone who signup through your link.

 Cookies Track Your Visitors Across All Of Their Devices – if anyone registers to any ClickFunnels program at the office, and watch the webinar at home – don’t worry! you are covered.

 Focus on promoting the products Signup now and start promoting your affiliate link while ClickFunnels do the rest on your behalf.

ClickHere to Join As Affiliate and Win Your Dream Car Now

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