My Story

I’m Godson Great: Writing down a word about my painful experiences wasn’t appealing, but I have to do it because all those factors kept me from quitting.

Though I strongly believe there is a light on the other side of the tunnel, I believe I will have a massive success very soon, accomplish my goals, and dreams.

Ride on with me and learn what my life was, and what I hope it will become in the future.

I’m very ambitious since day one of my life. I grew up mastering lots of valuable skills, engineering, and the internet. I have a strong passion to live and study abroad. I am glad the dream came through after years of hard work, and finally, I got it.

Coming from a middle-class background, with siblings of seven (7) wasn’t something easy, especially when it comes to paying my tuition and living expenses from my home country.

My parents, very industrious, things went well at a time, and that made life a little easier. As time passes by, one year as a fresh graduate, tuition becomes a burden and too difficult to bear.

I chose to transfer to a low-cost university, which I did, and now feeling relieved.
I never get bored trying to find out something new to support my self and my family. That led me into Amazon FBA that turned the situation around. I’m now living large, ridding new cars, and a happening guy at the college.

One to two years down the road, I lost it all. Amazon shut down my account, 
my products I paid thousands of $$$$$$$ was suspended, and some items were
blocked from entering the country. I went broke, Windup in huge debts,
and legal issues. 

My life has been in up and down moment for nearly 3 years, until the very moment I discovered some new ideas that turned things around, I mean good fortunes began to appear in my life gradually.

This didn’t happen overnight, I worked for it, I burnt the candles, I stayed up at night, I learned it, and still on the grind.
I can’t fully tell you everything is over now, but things are changing so rapidly at the speed of light. Happiness and confidence are gradually gaining its roots back in my life.

I know money isn’t the only factor that brings happiness to a man’s life but think of it.

  • Will your family be happy without food on the table?
  • Will you be happy without paying your rent?
  • Will you be happy without appropriate clothes?
  • The least goes on and on. Financial freedom gives you multiple choices in life and amplifies your ambition and goals.

“Dan Pena,” said if you think money doesn’t make you happy, you don’t know where to shop.

One of my Goals setting up this blog is to help you become financially free. I’m committed to helping you succeed and live the life you want.  Read More about it.