10 Best Web hosting in Singapore – Top 10 Reviews

10 Best Web hosting in Singapore – Top 10 Reviews

Are you looking for the best web hosting company in Singapore to launch your website online? We know finding the right web host can be difficult.

That’s why we thought of making it easier by presenting the best web hosting solution right before you. You can go through the list below, and find the best one suitable for your business. Here are the top 10 Singapore web hosting providers:




# 1

Exabytes Web Hosting



Vodien Hosting



SiteGround web hosting



Zonode Hosting






A2Hosting web hosting



GreenGeek web Hosting



Wp engine 



HostGator web hosting



BlueHost Provider


exabytes Singapore web hosting provider

1. Exabytes:

Exabytes is a foremost and experienced web hosting provider in Singapore. Exabytes provides a scalable plan for shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans. With Exabytes, you will get the All-in-One web solution to launch your business online.

Exabytes has been in operation for nearly two decades, managing over 100,000 customers in Singapore and Malaysia. Exabytes can handle small, medium and high traffic websites. Their server allows you to scale as your business grows. 

 Why Exabytes?

  • Affordable hosting solution
  • Hosting plan includes emails
  • Digital marketing services
  • High-performance servers
  • Buy and register domain
  • Free SSL 
  • Money-back guarantee

Exabytes Pricing Plan

  • Buy dot come domain from $6.99 per year
  • Web hosting packages starting from $3.99/month
  • VPS hosting starting from $8.99/month
  • Server Hosting Starting from $113/month
  • Dedicated server starting from $350/month

Exabyte premium hosting plans are equipped with SSD and HDDs for fast loading speed. For $14.99 per month, you will enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. Websites hosted on these plan loads extremely fast.

 Customer Support

You will get access to 24/7 customer support on any plan. Though there isn’t any chat option, you can reach the customer support via email or support ticket. The response is prettily quick, even on weekends.

 Instant Website Design

Exabytes goes an extra mile in providing additional service like building your website for FREE. An expert is assigned to get your website built within 7days. All details about your company, brand, and unique ideas are collected to give you a perfect and beautiful looking website.

 Exabytes Web Hosting Option 

Exabytes provides various hosting solution and other website support features that come with the packages. Let’s look at the features of each plan.

 WordPress Web hosting Features

  • Come with FREE SSL
  • FREE control panel
  • FREE backup
  • 100 days money-back guarantee

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

vodien web hosting company in singapore


Vodien, a renowned Singaporean web hosting company. Vodien has been around for many years and, reliable based on user reviews. 

Those who which to invest in local web hosting in Singapore should give Vodien a shot. 

This company has amazing customer support, good security and performs weekly backup on every website. 

Vodien provides a wide range of hosting options such as; Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated server. 

The hosting plan may come a little more expensive, but you guaranteed with power software, extensive features and, value for your money. 

 Vodien Pros

  • User-friendly
  • Powerful software
  • High-Performance server
  • 24/7 customer support

Vodien Cons

  • Only Local reach
  • Expensive hosting plan


  • 5GB Disk space
  • Price: $10/month
  • Support: Live Chat, Phone, and Ticket
  • Website: www.vodien.com

siteground - best web hosting provider

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is the world’s best web hosting provider currently managing over 2million websites worldwide. They offer cheap hosting plans for individuals, small and large businesses.

The hosting plans come for $3.95/month, you will get a quality plan that can handle 100,000 visitors per month.

Also, SiteGround will provide you with the chance to host any kind of a CMS that you want. SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for your convenience. Read more SiteGround hosting Reviews i posted

Features of SiteGround Hosting Company

  • Low prices, optimized for speed and high performance
  • User-Friendly, helpful support service all day long
  • A lot of hosting features 
  • Datacenter located in Singapore for blazing-fast speeds
  • Price starting from $3.95/month
  • www.siteground.com

zonode web hosting provider in singapore

4. Zonode

Zonode is a relatively new web hosting company. However, it is rapidly increasing its popularity in Singapore. Even though Zonode is a new kid in the system, there is a large number of individuals and business entities hosting on Zonode.

Some of the most outstanding services offered by Zonode include

  • free SSL certificates
  • free site migrations
  • super-fast server access.
  • Free Daily website backup
  • the cheapest plan comes with a free domain
  • Price starting $2.95 per month
  • https://zonode.com/

Most of Zonode servers are based in Singapore. Zonode offers attractive hosting packages at low prices. You will only have to pay $3.5 per month to use the cheapest hosting plan.

dreamhost cloud hosting provider

5. DreamHost Web Hosting

One of the largest web hosting company managing over 1.5million websites worldwide. They have a large network, delivering fast, and quality services.

They offer Incredible 97days money-back guarantee, over-promise uptime of 100%. The service comes with multiple hosting solutions include; WordPress Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, and cloud hosting services.

The pricing is kind of affordable. The WordPress hosting starts from $2.95 per month.   

The web hosting solution comes with free templates and website building functionality.

Are you looking for the best web hosting in Singapore that demonstrate excellent service, consistency, and care? DreamHost is available to serve you ultimately. Read more about DreamHost review.

Pros DreamHost

  • Good loading speed
  • No downtime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • User-friendly
  • Cheap Hosting plan
  • Phone, chat and ticket support
  • Unlimited Disk space

Cons of DreamHost

  • No free website migration
  • Delayed setup
  • Price starting from $2.59/month
  • Website: DreamHost.com

a2hosting best hosting company in singapore

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the biggest competitors of SiteGround hosting.

The server speed is one of the reasons A2hosting is popular in the market. These servers are installed across the world to provide an amazing experience to you.

They also have servers located in Singapore. A2hosting offers you the option to select your server location while purchasing a hosting plan.

Why A2Hosting?

A2 Hosting is another hosting plan that is highly recommended by WordPress. If you are looking forward to hosting a WordPress website, then A2hosting is something to consider.

That’s where A2 Hosting will be able to provide much-needed support and assistance to you.

You will also be able to get your hands-on unlimited disk space through A2 Hosting. It is another reason, which has contributed to the popularity of A2 Hosting. Read more A2Hosting Reviews

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a hosting plan on A2 Hosting. There are three different hosting packages offered by them starting from just $3.92 per month. Buy your Hosting Plan

GreenGeeks Web hosting

7. GeenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks is a company to consider when searching for good web hosting service in Singapore. I recommend GreenGeek for small and medium-size websites. 

They are an environmentally friendly web hosting provider powered by wind energy. 

GreenGeeks is the only web hosting company that demonstrate eco-friendly attitude to our planet, with 300% of the energy put back to the grid. 

The customer support service is amazing, providing 24/7 full and technical support. You can reach them via phone, online chat, and tickets.

There are tons of positive review about their customer care, due to the attitude and quick response they provide to their customers.

GreenGeeks has wide varieties of hosting plan include; shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated server, VPS hosting and, Reseller hosting.

They offer 30days money-back guarantee. That’s, if you aren’t satisfied with the hosting services, ask for a refund before 30days and you will get the money transferred to your account. See more detailed GreenGeek Reviews here

GreenGeeks is guaranteed to deliver excellent service with a high powered and optimized server. The web server is technologically powered with SSD, PHP7, and PowerCacher for fast loading of websites. Look no further as GreenGeeks is a

Pros Of GreenGeeks

  • Comes with unlimited disk space
  • Low and competitive pricing
  • Eco-friendly and viable
  • Phone support, Live Chat, and Tickets
  • Cost starting from $3.95

Cons OF GreenGeeks

  • Operating in a few countries
  • Limited Global reach

wpengine wordpress hosting

8. Wp Engine

It may be insanely expensive to most startup, but it delivers beyond amazing service when it comes to WordPress hosting.

They offer unique services that you may not find in other hosting companies. They have live real-time malware detection and other threats.

Their server is strong against any form of DDOD attacks. Hosting your site with them is a peace of mind from hacking and phishing.

They take care of updates in your WordPress to make sure your website is running safely without hitches.

Pros Of WordPress Hosting

  • Fast loading speed
  • 24hrs support
  • Best quality management
  • Live website monitoring
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Live chat, phone and, Ticket
  • Starting price from $35/month

Cons of WordPress Hosting

  • High hosting price


9. HostGator Hosting

HostGator is a big player in the web hosting industry. They offer 24hrs support services. As I described in our HostGator hosting reviewthey are outstanding web hosting provider for small business websites. 

HostGator has an excellent user interface and sufficient tutorial that answer the question regarding their hosting solution. They offer 45days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

 Pros of HostGator

  • Cheap pricing
  • Hosting flexibility
  • Multiple services
  • High security
  • Easy to use
  • Price starting from $2.75/month
  • Phone, Live Chat and, Ticket

Cons of HostGator

  • Slower load time
  • Bandwidth issues
  • Server located in the US
  • Not great for high traffic websites

Check website to buy your hosting plan

bluehost hosting in singapore

10. BlueHost Web hosting

A web hosting company you can rely to keep your website. BlueHost offer a plethora hosting option such as WordPress Hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

Bluehost has a good support service to their customers. You can reach them via telephone or live chat, and ticket.

Hosting your website on their server guarantee terrific loading speed, and server performance is amazing. The typical website under them loads within 2-3 seconds.

Pros of Bluehost

  • Free SSL
  • Low Price starting from $3.95/month
  • Live Chat, Phone support, and Ticket

Cons Of Bluehost

  • Datacenter located in US

Best Web Hosting Singapore – What to Look for Before Buying A Hosting Plan

I will outline some key features that are important for the smooth running of any website. Keep them in mind before buying a web hosting plan.

Storage Limit

Before you buy a hosting plan, you should take a close look at the storage limit. The capacity should be sufficient to support the growth of your website or when you have a traffic spike.

When you have limited storage space, your website loads slowly and, your visitors wouldn’t be able to reach you. Starting a new website may not be much of a problem, but you need to include it into account.

Server Uptime;

You must make sure the server is always available to serve your customers. Few minutes down can lead to loss of sales, especially for bigger websites.

You wouldn’t want your customer to visit your site and find it unavailable. That could communicate a mistrust to your visitors. 

Also, continuous downtime may potentially put your website at risk of lower-ranking on search engines like Google.


We will always need help in one way or the other. You must make sure the support services are prompt to take your request as quick as possible.

I do look out for 24/7 live chat button because I like an immediate solution, when I mess up with my site or when something seems to go wrong. Make sure the web hosting company has multiple support tool like phone, Live Chat, and support ticket.

 Server Location

When looking for a web hosting provider, make sure they have a server located in the country where there is strong internet infrastructure.

Another question to note is; do they have multiple server locations? 

You should also make sure they have a server close to your target market or where you have the most audience. The reason behind this is; the closer the server, the faster it delivers your website content your visitors.

 Backup Facility

Another important features to look for is backup functionality. I have had many cases where I messed up with my website and, in just one click, I got everything recovered. 

I love using SiteGround web hosting provider because they back up your website multiple times in a day. I can guarantee your website will fail multiple times. Don’t use any web hosting company that doesn’t provide a back functionality. 


Another features to keep into account is Bandwidth. When you have limited bandwidth, your website wouldn’t have sufficient resource to manage concurrent data transfer to your visitor. You will experience a slow and unavailable website.

I had a bad experience with one of my client’s website on GoDaddy hosting. We had to upgrade to unlimited to get the problem solved. Make sure you go for unlimited bandwidth.

Number of Websites Allowed

You also want to inquire about the number of website or domain allowed in the web hosting plan. You may have the intention of growing or having multiple websites in the future. So, inquire if their server supports multiple websites.

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