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NameHero is a cloud web hosting company offering a wide range of hosting solutions. NameHero started because of frustrating issues with hosting industries. The company is located in the US and trusted by many customers. Let’s take a look at NameHero’s hosting reviews, and what they have to offer.


NameHero Reviews: Why They Came on Board?

namehero web hosting

Here are the unspeakable reasons why NameHero was formed. That is why most customers recommend NameHero to over Big named hosting like GoDaddy.

  • Slow website is a big issue that must be addressed to keep your website running effectively. A slow website could affect the general performance of your site on a search engine, which could lead to the loss of potential customers.
  • Poor customer support in the industry. 
  • Weak and expensive web hosting packages lacking adequate features required to power a website.
  • Fake web hosting reviews just to persuade you to buy and later locked you down with bad experiences.
  • Giant corporate companies are just concerned about revenue and don’t care about their customers.

NameHero has decided to build a web hosting company that is reliable, and effective to offer you the best hosting satisfaction.

  • NameHero Cloud hosting is powered by SSD Raid. 
  • Integrated Cloudflare to boost your website at the lightning speed.
  • Featured cPanel tool that will allow you to run your website.
  • They have a web hosting solution for small business, and individual hosting.

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What You will get with NameHero Web Hosting

 NameHero offers outstanding features that allow you to run your website efficiently. Let’s look at some benefits you will get with NameHero;

Free Auto SSL for Your websites

 Websites without SSL turn off your clients because it shows an insecure website on the browser with red sign warning. Who wants to buy from such a website?

Another disadvantage is that you won’t be able to collect payment online if there isn’t SSL installed.

With NameHero, you will get free SSL installed across your website. They believe SSL should be free for everyone. They don’t upsell you as other competitors do. The installation is easy with no complications.

Blazing Fast Website at all time

 They operate with servers that deliver blazing speed to every site hosted on them. The hosting packages are deployed on the highspeed cloud server.  Also, the cloud hosting server comes with SSD for high redundancy and protection.

 The use of a lightspeed Web Server is 10X faster than Apache and MariaDB. You will enjoy the Ultrafast loading website.

99.9% Uptime

 This means your website is always online to deliver its services. When a server is scheduled for maintenance, the websites automatically switch to another server to prevent downtime.

 Every aspect of web hosting is taken seriously with NameHero. Their cloud server is specifically built for high availability. They leverage CloudLinux to allocate resources per user to mitigate issues.

 Free Website Migration

 They make moving of your websites from other web hosting companies easy. The migration is free. As long as your current hosting provider uses cPanel, they can migrate your website for free.

 They will migrate up to 10 websites within 30 days of registering with themif you are managing a network of websites, then NameHero is an ideal host for you.

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NameHero Reviews: What Customers Say’s About NameHero

 Why NameHero is Different From Other Tradition Hosting

 Traditional Hosting: The major challenge about this type of hosting is a single-point failure and no substitute. Let’s me explain further with the image below:

namehero traditional web hosting

When there is a fault with the server hardware, the whole system is taken down until it is replaced. In such a case, many websites go offline. These can lead to panic and frustration to website owners due to long hours of downtime.

In the case of high traffic, the server will need additional resources such as physical replacement of RAM. In this scenario, the entire server must be short down to fix the issue.

NameHero Server: Look at the image below to see what set’s NameHero Apart. NameHero uses a cloud computing system that spread your websites across multiple machines acting like one.

When one or more of the servers need maintenance, other servers are still delivering your website to visitors.

Due to the large network of servers managing the same website simultaneously, your website wouldn’t experience downtime, more resources are available when there is a traffic spike. A website can back up easily, and migration is done seamlessly.

How Committed id NameHero to Their Customers?

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NameHero has 4 cloud pricing plans include; a starter cloud plan which is the cheapest at $3.95/month, Plus cloud, Turbo, and business cloud hosting plan.

The cheapest plan comes with Unlimited SSD, bandwidth, and Storage. These features made it ideal for any medium size websites.

Namehero pricing plan

The most expensive plan costs $12.99/month, ideal for any website sizes that need more resources. You will also get a free domain with any of the cloud hosting packages.

To be eligible for free domain, you have to pay for a 1-year plan, applicable to “Starter” and “Plus” plans.

You can get the price at a cheaper rate if you buy 3 years hosting plan which costs $3.89 per month. The starter plan is designed for $10,000 visits per month, Plus cloud for 25,000 visits per month, Turbo for 50,000 visits per month, and business cloud for 100,000 visits per month.


Here are the NameCheap plans tabulated below

Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains allowed?16UnlimitedUnlimited
Anti-DDoS YesYesYesYes
Anti-malware YesYesYesYes
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Web builderIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Web templatesYesYesYesYes
website transferYesYesYesYes
Auto-installer tools400+400+400+400+
Money-back 30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
supportTicket, email, phoneTicket, email, phoneTicket, email, phoneTicket, email, phone
Choice of server locationNoNoNoNo

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NameHero Speed Test

Are you concerned about Namehero speed and website deliverability? This question comes a lot from potential customers who want to know the level of a web hosting performance before making a purchase. 

NameHero has made the speed test question easy. You can now perform a speed test using a free speed test tool to check the site performance.

nameHero speed test tools

 Looking at the Test score above, you will see NameHero is performing at an optimum level way beyond other big competitors. The speed performance is possible due to high-speed SSD, and MariaDB tools installed in the server to boost its performance. 

They also integrated Cloudflare and Railgun technology directly on their server to boost the performance. Your website will achieve a maximum and lightening load speed with NameHero’s server.

Customer Support Services

NameHero has a supper support service, and we can see the testimony from Trust Pilot reviews. From our person viewpoint and observations, they have excellent technical skills and help to solve issues.

Many customers say they really love their services, and they respond to the message ticket fast. NameHero customer services are something you can rely upon when you needed them the most

Why Choose NameHero?

After you have migrated from other big brands like; HostGator, Bluehost, and GoDaddy, you will notice a substantial increase in website loading speed. Get started today for less than $3 per month hosting with NameHero.

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  1. Timothy

    I have been battling for 5-10 days now with them to sort this our their billing system declines my cards one after another service is suspended and no support has been received from their side no investigation whatsoever they have promised to make a PayPal invoice for me to pay through PayPal however that has not been done and they wont unsuspend the service until I can get it paid makes no sense I have sent screen shots of the error and my tickets just get deleted I dont get any support or feedback from NameHero further then this I have logged over 5 tickets regarding the server giving multiple errors from some email accounts not connecting to slow server speeds slow websites but nothing has been resolved from their side I highly reccommend using a professional host instead of Namehero!!!

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