Hostgator Vs GoDaddy Comparison


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Goddady and Hostgator are major players when it comes to web hosting. Goddady is known as a giant for domain registrar and, HostGator giant in web hosting.

Hostgator is leader hosting company for small and medium-size business.  We will compare Godaddy vs Hostgator based on performance, quality of support, Uptime and, features.

 Here is the Godaddy and HostGator break down the comparison.


 Goddady Vs HostGator – Overview

 The reason why you are reading this blog, maybe you are planning to buy a hosting plan to launch your website online. Probably, you may have been disappointed in the past and, now looking for the right hosting option suitable for you.

 Don’t worry, we got your back to help you make the right decision. We have gone through intense research and testing. Finally, we had gathered hundreds of user reviews to come up with our comparison. 

Benefits Of My Comparison

 My review will provide you the indebt details you need to make the right decision. I had used dozens of web hosting providers personally and currently managing hundreds of my client’s web hosting accounts. 

So, I can confidently relate the experiences I encountered with the web hosts. Let’s get started.

 Godaddy Vs HostGator – Website Loading Speed?

 Speed is an important aspect to consider before choosing a web host. Google made it clear, the speed of a website is one of the major ranking factors on a search engine.

 We tested both sites on Pingdom and here is what we found:

 Pingdom speed performance tool

hostgator pingdom speed test

godaddy pingdom speed test


Godaddy Vs HostGator – Response time

Response time is another important factor to consider when looking for a web hosting provider. What is response time?

 Response time is the time duration your web server serves your website content to the visitor. Low response time can impact user experience, and increase website bounce rate. 

Based on our test, we observed Godaddy and, HostGator have high response time, but GoDaddy is slightly behind HostGator. Check out the result below:


GoDaddy Vs. HostGator – Customer Support.

Customer support is an important aspect to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. The reason is that you will always encounter difficulty with your website.

HostGator Support

From my experience, I never had issues with HostGator support. The technical guys are good. The response time is at optimum.

They are prompt to solve your problems when you encounter some issues.

HostGator has hundreds of employees you can reach their support line at any time. Live chat, and ticket support is also available.

GoDaddy Support

From my experience, GoDaddy customer support is not as good as HostGator, especially when you encounter the inexperienced ones. Sometimes, it takes them a long time to fix small issues like SSL.

 I had an issue to get my SSL to work on my website. I reached out to GoDaddy support. It took them weeks to get it solved.

GoDaddy Live support sometimes choked with traffic. You may sit for hours to get someone to attend to you. GoDaddy Live Support system is a big mess. 

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Web Hosting Plans Comparison. Best & Affordable?

HostGator offers three web hosting plans include hatchling, Baby plan, and Business plan. 

HostGator Hosting Plan

hostgator WEB hosting plan

Hatchling Plan: This plan is suitable for individual or small websites. The hosting allows you to have only one domain

Baby Plan: This plan is suitable for a small and medium-size website with moderate traffic. Include; unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain and, disk space.  

Business Plan: This plan comes with more resources to handle a surge of traffic. The plan offers unlimited domain, unlimited disk space and, bandwidth. Also, all the plan has access to the toll-free number and, 45days money-back guarantee.

WINNER: HostGator provide superior and top-notch customer service.

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 GoDaddy Hosting Plan

goDaddy web hosting plans

GoDaddy offers three hosting plans include: Economy plan, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The plans are suitable for all websites depending on the one you chose.

Economy plan: This plan is limited to web hosting resources. The plan provides you 100GB disk space. You will get 100 email accounts. 

Deluxe & Ultimate: These plans are excellent for a website with more resources. You will get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and, over 500 emails.

WINNER: HostGator. HostGator is affordable, providing better features at lower prices. With coupon codes, you can buy the hosting for a more cheaper price. 

HostGator or GoDaddy – The best Web Hosting?

GoDaddy and HostGator have a lot in common when it comes to hosting and, selected features. HostGator offers the cheapest hosting and better performance.

GoDaddy is great for domain registration but sucks in hosting. I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy for hosting your website. HostGator Is the Winner in this contest!

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 Why we Chose HostGator as the Winner?

  • The uptime is always at the point
  • Fast response time
  • Top-notch support team
  • Cheap hosting plan
  • Flexible hosting features
  • Your website is secured from hacking & phishing

One the other side, GoDaddy is great for people on a low budget. GoDaddy is not bad as to say, but when you need more resources, your upgrades are endless. 

HostGator has it’s a downside, but in this review, we are concerned about the comparison between GoDaddy and HostGator. Don’t forget to leave your review on the comment box below.

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