8 Easy Ways to Make $150 per Day from Your website

8 Easy Ways to Make $150 per Day from Your website

Are you looking for ways to monetize your website for profit? The digitization of the world has offered several alternative ways to make money

Nowadays, several individuals create websites and turn them into money-making platforms. 

8 easy ways to monetize your website

However, to succeed in making money through your website traffic, you must learn how to monetize websites by learning the following unique methods.

1. Make Money through Affiliate marketing

ways to make money with affiliate marketing
by DCMnetwork

Affiliate marketing is also one of the common and easy ways to make money from a website. For this method, you need to look for a product that is profitable and recommendable. 

Get an affiliate link from the company offering the product and add the link to your website. 

If anyone buys the product via the affiliate link on your website, you will get a commission. Notably, the commission differs from one company to another.

The best Types of Affiliate Programs to join

There are dozens of affiliate programs to join out there. Though, I prefer high paying affiliate and reoccurring affiliate programs.

Why Go for high paying affiliate programs

The reason why I prefer high paying affiliate program is that you make your money in a huge buck when sales are made. You need fewer sales to reach financial goals.

Take, for example, your monthly goal is to make $1,500 per month. If you were to promote a $45 product with 50% of commission, that means each referral sales worth $22.5. To hit your monthly goal, you need to make 66 sales. 

Let’s take it the other way round for high paying affiliate program worth $997 with a 50% commission rate. This Means, each referral sale worth $498 of commission. In this case, you will only need 3 sales to make a $1,500 monthly goal. 

I know you want to say: This product is way expensive and wouldn’t sell fast. 

Let me make something clear to you, it takes the same amount of time and energy to promote a low commission affiliate program and high ticket affiliate program. if that is the case, always go for high ticket affiliate programs over low paying affiliates.

Types of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

  • Regal Assets affiliate program ($100 – $30,000 per sales)
  • Gold And Silver For Life Affiliate Program ($1400 per sales)
  • Sellhealth Affiliate program ($100 -350 per sales)
  • TracHealth Affiliate program (up to $200 per sales)
  • ClickFunnels ($50 – $1500 per sales)
  • Shopify affiliate program (up to $1500 per signup)
  • Debt Relief Affiliate Program (Up to $200 commission )
  • Curadebt affiliate program ($350 – $500 per signup)
  • Hiscox Online Affiliate Program ($200 per referrals. up to $10,000 per sales)
  • NetQuote’s Insurance Affiliate Program
  • The urban affiliate program ( $250 – $2,000 per sales)
  • Abcleadsaffiliate.com
  • Medical Supply Depot (5-7% Commission, up to $7.500)
  • Tabcom (9-13% commission sales, up to $2,500 – $15,000)
  • Colmex Pro offers ($1000 per new clients)
  • Natalie Jill Fitness
  • Money Revealed by by Robert Kiyosaki ($747.5 per sales)

Go for recurring affiliate programs

Recurring affiliate programs pay your commission on a weekly or monthly basis as long as your referral remains an active/paying member for the service.

Recurring affiliate is one of the easy ways to make money on autopilot. You do the job once, and the money keeps coming consistently.

In this blog, I focus more of my energy towards promoting high ticket affiliate programs and recurring affiliate programs. This method of affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest ways to make extra money passively. 

Types of Reccurring affiliate programs

  • ClickFunnels affiliate (50% recurring commission)
  • ThriveTheme (25% monthly recurring commission)
  • Elegant Theme (50% monthly recurring commission)
  • Leadpages (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • Instapages (50% monthly recurring commission)
  • NinjaOutreach
  • Getresponse (33% monthly recurring commission)
  • ConvertKit (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • Aweber (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • MailerLite (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • SendLane (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • Sendloop (10% monthly recurring commission)
  • Provide support (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • JivoChat (30% monthly recurring commission)
  • PureChat (35% monthly recurring commission)
  • LiveAgent (20% monthly recurring commission)

2. Sell ad space on your website

easy way to make money selling ad space on website

Another great way to monetize your website is by selling ad space. Rather than relying on Google AdSense to pay you for Google advertisements, you can sell your ad space to third-party individuals or companies directly. 

You need to agree with the companies on how much they will pay you for every 1,000 impressions. This is mostly great for people whose website traffic is huge as different advertisers will see the website as a major source of getting clients.

How can I sell Ads space on my Website?

Various online tools can help you achieve this aim. 

For most WordPress users, it is possible to sell ad space with free or premium plugins.

  • Ads Pro
  • OIO Publisher 
  • WP-Insert
  • AdSanity
  • WP Pro Advertising System
  • Ads Adder+
  • AdPress
  • Geo Ads Switcher
  • AdRotate
  • Advanced Ads
  • Related Posts


3. Monetize Your Website With digital or physical products

easy ways to make money online

Do you have an eBook or other digital product you would like to sell to your visitors? Is there a physical product that your audience may be interested in buying? If yes, learn about selling the products on your website to your audience. 

If you are someone like me who likes to work from the corner of my room, selling digital products is one of the easiest ways to make money from home.

With this passive income idea, you do not have to rely on any third-party agent or company as you are making money directly from your audience yourself. 

To sell physical products, you can even consider dropshipping as an option. Notably, if you are selling physical products, you may have to deal with taxes, shipping, and other issues.

What are some ways to make money Selling Digital and Physical Products Online?

Digital Products:

Selling ebooks is one of the easy ways to make money online. I launched my first ebook (a guide to travel abroad) at the age of 16. 

Over the years, I have refined and updated this ebook to what I now called 101 scholarship guides, currently selling and making me some money daily.  

Though I have created many helpful guides on different niches, acquired when I sold the websites on flippa which is another way of making money selling digital properties online.

 Selling Physical Products

There are various ways to make money online by selling physical products. 

  • Amazon FBA: You can make full-time income selling on Amazon. I have made over $1Million in Revenue selling on Amazon within 1Year of launching my first product on their platform. Currently, am no longer selling on Amazon after I had lost my privileges to selling on Amazon. A big lesson I learned is; 

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always have full control on of your income” 

  • Dropshipping: Is currently a sweet spot business to start online. You can make a fortune dropshipping items from china. I currently manage a Lifestyle shopping store, dropshipping products from Aliexpress to my customers worldwide. 

Dropshipping is easy to start using Woocommerce or Shopify selling platform. For starter, I will recommend you start with Shopify, you can get your store up and running in less than 48hrs.

4. Utilize Google AdSense

easy ways to make money Google Adsense

When it comes to passive income ideas via your website traffic, using Google AdSense tops the list. This is because it is relatively straightforward, easy, and common. 

So, you should consider the Pay Per Click (PPC) ads system to monetize a website. This system works by placing Google ads on your website. When visitors click on the ad, you will be paid directly by Google.

How Profitable Is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make easy money if done properly.

Though, Google AdSense can be profitable for websites with a decent amount of traffic. Ads placement is very important to increase your click-through rate.

The type of content you have on your website can have a direct impact on your earnings. Targeting some niches can boost your AdSense income because the cost of advertising (CPC) on these niches is very high.

Highest paying Adsense Niches to double your income

  • Download website
  • Health and Fitness
  • Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Make money online
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Technology
  • Personal finance
  • Blogging tips
  • Forex
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Name & Registration
  • Website development
  • Law firm & Attorney
  • Information technology
  • Database & Management
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Web hosting
  • Farming
  • Flights
  • Beauty Tips
  • Breaking News
  • Mortgage and property
  • Cryptography
  • Car rental
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Home & Garden care
  • Smart phone Aps
  • Online courses and Teaching

Choose the best niche to monetize your website and watch how your Adsense earning will dramatically increase.

5. Take advantage of sponsored posts

If your website traffic is great, other bloggers, content marketers, and other digital marketers may be interested in gaining traffics to their websites through your platform. 

So, you can start accepting sponsored articles from them at a fee. Nevertheless, you need to be careful before publishing any posts on your website. Take the time to read the post to see whether it is readable, relevant, and error-free.

For my sponsored post, I charge relatively $50 to $500 or more for monthly or lifetime placement. The price will increase as my traffic improves. 

Some buyers prefer to pay me lifetime placement, because in the long run as my website grows with more traffic they will gain more exposure too.

That’s not all; I sponsor and promote most of my blog posts on social media and on the search engine to bring in more targeted traffic, as a result, more sales for my advertisers.  

In some cases they will buy multiple placements on the site because of the sales they make of my website.

6. Build a vital email list

easy ways to make money online with email marketing

One of the several other ways to monetize a website is by building an email list. Generally, an email list has the email addresses of the readers that are loyal to you and can be influenced by your recommendations. 

Those on your email list will likely visit your website regularly, buy any products advertised on your website and perform other required actions. 

Although this particular method to monetize websites is time-consuming, it can play a pivotal role in changing the fortune of your website in the long run. 

However, you need to learn how to build an email list through the traffic generated on your website and nurture your relationships with the individuals on the list.

How to Start Email Marketing

I will not go much in details, Email marketing is an entire beast of a lesson on its own. To give you a simple break down and requirements follow the steps below:

Step 1: Signup for Email marketing: Most of the email marketing tools are paid, while few are free for fewer contacts. I will recommend you start with mailerlite, it’s free for up to 1000 contacts.

Step 2: Study how to collect email leads using the lead form on your email marketing software. These video series will walk you through how to create and install an email capture code on your website.

Step 3: Start collecting email and promotion offers to your leads.   

Step 4: Start making some money 

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat 

7. Provide a freelance service

ways to make money from home with freelance service

Are you a writer with exceptional writing skills? Do you specialize in creating stunning graphic designs? Are you a professional voiceover artist? You can take advantage of the skills you have to monetize your website. 

Of course, it will take some weeks or months before the visitors will start trusting the freelance service that you offer on your website but it will be worthwhile in the end.  

Notably, if your website traffic is already substantial, getting started will be easier and more profitable for you.

How can I get started?

There tons of online courses platform where you can sell your course and skill online. You can get started with the list below;

  • Fiverr.com
  • Skilshare.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com 
  • Fourerr 
  • Zeerk      
  • Guru 
  • Gig Bucks 
  • Five Squids 
  • Ten Bux

8. SELL WEBSITES: A Creative Way to Make money Flipping your sites


Flipping your sites simply means that you create a website and then sell it. As an alternative, you can buy a ready-made website and sell it to another party after some periods. 

The amount you can sell the website depends largely on the relevance of the domain name as well as the website traffic. If you have any websites to flip, sell them at Flippa.

I created a detailed guide on 5 steps to earn passive income selling websites on flippa for profit. Please check it out to learn more about website flipping.

Final Thought on ways to Monetize your website

Notably, learning how to monetize a website does not mean that you will certainly start making lots of money immediately. In other words, it may take some time. However, if you are persistent, you can earn lots of money from monetizing your website.

Godson Great

Godson Great, a serial entrepreneur, and digital product creator. He loves the world of eCommerce and Social media. Over the years has created and sold multiple stores and businesses to young entrepreneurs.