Transistor.fm Podcast Hosting Review

Transistor.fm Podcast Hosting Review

Transistor podcast hosting site has a comprehensive tool to build and grow your podcast. Transistor.fm is a podcast publishing platform to store your Mp3 files, host your podcast website, generate your RSS feed, and distribute your show to Spotify, Apple podcast, and more. Start your 14 day free Trial Now

Create Unlimited Podcast with Transistor.fm

With a transistor podcast, you can create more shows and manage multiple shows from one account.

Do you have an idea for multiple podcasts? You can now create an unlimited podcast for one monthly price. You won’t be charged more, as long as you stayed under the download limit. You can try different formats from your Transistor account.

Benefits of Having More Shows

  • The best way to increase the number of listeners each month is to create more shows.
  • Having multiple shows allows you to choose more themes formats that suit you and test out new concepts.
  • You have the freedom of creating multiple formats for different listeners. Create 30 minutes show, 2hours interview, and for folks that want to check out 5-minutes highlight. Start your 14 days free Trial Now

Importance Features In Transistor Podcast

transistor podcast

  • Publish Podcast Everywhere

Transistor.fm allows you to distribute to Google podcast, Pocket Cast, Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict, and more. You can embed your podcast on your website using the embeddable podcast player.

  • View Podcast Analytics

You can see the number of downloads, number of subscribers, popular podcast app, and trends. Transistor provides flexible podcast hosting and detailed analytics for thousands of brands, organizations, and creative round the globe.

  • Invite Multiple Collaborators

Transistor has excellent features that allow you to invite multiple collaborators. Each hosted podcast on transistor has its team users. On the transistor, you will find three types of users

– Each account has one owner – Ability to control the subscription settings, billing, credit card information, and cancel an account.

– Admins Account – Ability to view analytics, edit show settings, manage episodes, and team members.

– Members – Ability to view analytics, edit the episode, delete or add episode, and manage team members. They can receive an email invite to set their account password.

With transistor, you can invite an additional member to join your show, invite individual users on the show, and create multiple podcasts.

employee podcast hosting - create private access

  • Create Private Podcast for Members

You can give your member or team; create a private access to podcast feed they can listen to in their podcast app.

  • Import your Show from other Podcast Hosting sites

With transistor, you can import your show from another podcast by entering the current RSS feed, and everything will be imported. It is easy to import your old show from another podcast website to a transistor podcast. You can import from Simplecast, Blubrry, Podbean, Libsyn, and Soundcloud. Start your 14 days free Trial Now

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