5 Steps to Earn Passive Income Selling Websites on Flippa

5 Steps to Earn Passive Income Selling Websites on Flippa

Do you know buying and selling websites on flippa is a way to make extra cash and pay your bills working at home? When I ventured into this business model, I never knew I could flip a website for profit, let alone making off living selling websites online.

How I Started Selling On Flippa?

 In the years 2016, I was in deep financial stress that rendered me bankrupt when I lost my privileges selling on Amazon, and then, it was my only source of income.

I just graduated from college, getting a job was tough luck, and everything seems stuck from all angles. I struggled for a few months until I stumbled over a YouTube video on how to make money online working at home. 

This is where I saw the light on the other side of the tunnel. After watching through the video, I decided to give it a shot.

I had a couple of sites that weren’t profitable. So I started listing them on Flippa, and the result I got from the 2 weeks auction blew my mind. I got 11 bidders, 28 bids, and sold for $2,300 in less than 2 weeks.

spitzon selling on flippa

What Other Properties have you Sold on Flippa?

After I had this big sale, a new opportunity of making passive income online opened for me.  I started building new websites and selling them on Flippa. Here are few other sites I had sold on Flippa

AkaChoice I developed the eCommerce site with a free WordPress theme and added a few products from Aliexpress. The whole development cost about $50, including the domain name. I made a couple of sales from the website and sold it for $600 within 2weeks.

Akachoice - selling on flippa

Amazon StoreFront I have listed a New Amazon FBA store and was sold for $2,500 on Flippa. The listing got immediate buyout in less than 1 week of listing.

selling sites on flippa - Amazon FBA PRoof

OralVitamins Store This is a complete template loaded with tons of dropshipping products. I sold the site for $1,456 within 2 weeks

Oral Vitamins - selling a website on flippa

These are few to be mentioned. I have sold many starter sites ranging from $299 up to $1,500 per site. The entire website design was completely outsourced for less than $50 on Fiverr.

5 Step to Make money Buying and selling Websites on Flippa

In this guide, I will walk you through 5 steps process you can follow and start profiting selling starter and established websites on Flippa. Though, you can do a lot more (selling domain, plugins, themes, Apps) beyond just selling websites on flippa. This content will be limited to selling websites only.

Step 1: Signup and verify Flippa Account

To get started you need to sign up for an account on Flippa. After you have created your account, you will be required to verify your account before listing websites for sales.

What is required for the verification process?

  • Government-issued ID
  • Phone number

 Step 2: Choose a Profitable Niche                        

Choosing a profitable niche is very important because a good niche has the chance of selling fast and fetches a high price. Find a Niche on high demand, with few sellers, and most-watched. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a profitable Niche;

  • Most Popular searches On Flippa
  • The website must have a high sell rate
  • The Niche that fetches a high price
  • Most watched monetization method

Let’s take a look at Most Popular and Hot selling Niches on Flippa

  • Camping and Hunting Niche
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home & Gardens
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Resort, Vacation, Holiday

Step3: Define your Goal: Starter or Established website

You have to decide what type of digital property you will be selling on flippa before creating a listing.

There are two types of websites you can sell on Flippa: Starter website and Established website.

  • Starter/Template website: These are websites less than 3month old with No traffic or sales. It can be a template website for beginners.
  • websites or online business: These are websites older than 3months and generating revenue.

What do you recommend I sell on Flippa?

what can i sell on flippa

I don’t have any preference, both can fetch you some money if you choose the right niche. Though, established websites normally sell at high-profit margin irrespective of what niche you are selling.

 The reason why the established website attracts a lot of buyers is that people find it much easier to scale than starting a business from scratch.

As you gain more experience selling on flippa, you may want to have both websites in your portfolio. The starter website may have a low-profit margin, but you will always have a steady cash flow.

Scaling a new website to an established level may take some time to generate some revenue but the profit after sales is huge.

If you have enough money at your disposal, buy an established website at a low price on Flippa and resell it for a higher profit margin. This is the quickest and surest way to sell established websites fast.

Why Buyer Love’s Proven Website that is making money?

how to make money selling websites on flippa

Starting a business from scratch is time-consuming and hard. So, most buyers prefer to buy a website that is already getting some traffic and making money.

With little income made from the site, it can sell for an incredible amount. A typical website can sell 10X, 20X of its revenue. Let’s say a website makes $100/month, the site can sell as much as $1000 to $2,000 or more.

From my experience, buyers are drawn to websites that are generating some revenue, however small it may be, they will pay you a good ransom for your site.

Selling established websites is one of the best ways to make a lot of money on flippa

Step 4: Design a Website

Let’s assume you don’t have any website or portfolio of websites to sell. The next thing to do is build a website.

Don’t worry you don’t have to do it yourself or pay thousands of dollars to build one. As I said earlier, most of the websites I had sold were designed for less than $50 and sold for $500 or more.

Depending on what Niche, I budget between $50 and $100 per website. I don’t go beyond this price limit to maintain a healthy profit margin.

You might think to yourself, this is freaking cheap; the reason is I buy a template website and hire a freelancer to make some changes and ready for sale. Once you have identified your niche, it’s time to start building.  

What Type of Website Templates that Sells Fast?

Not all website templates convert well. Here are few website templates in high demand. These include;

How to Get started with website design?

sell on flippa images

Option 1: Do it yourself – Build it from scratch

Option 2: Buy a website template and Hire a Freelancer to finish it up

Option 3: Buy already made website, no changes required, and resell on Flippa

For Option 2: Follow these steps

  • Buy A Website template Portfolio: I use Evanto Element for my website templates. For $32/month, you will have access to thousands of website templates. Choose a demo template of your choice, go to fiverr.com, and hire a Freelancer to set up the website.
  • Hire Freelancer: Go to Fiverr and search for a freelancer who specializes in WordPress development. Give him the sample of demo templates and instruction of changes you want to make.

For Option 3: Follow these steps

You can directly buy established websites from the list of websites below and sell them on Flippa.

  • Flippa: Buy established website on Flippa and flip it back for a higher profit.
  • Woodropship.com: If you will be selling eCommerce website, you can buy complete designed loaded with products and sell on Flippa
  • BuyLandingpagedesign.com: You can buy a full single-page website and landing pages for less than $50, and sell on flippa

Step 5: Listing website On Flippa

The Pitch: Selling a website successfully on Flippa has a lot to do with writing a good pitch. I spend a lot of time looking through other successful listings and writing out a good sales description.

Do not try to do anything dodgy or write some false information it may tarnish your reputation.

Write your sales pitch as if you want to sell a product to friends. Make it simple and do not use bogus grammatical terms. You must be transparent, and your sales should reflect on what you sell.

Reserve Price: Set your price to No reserve to gain more exposure and bids. No reserve is important for these reasons:

  • Your website will get significant exposure from the reserve-met section on Flippa.
  • Getting into this section will boost higher activity on your listing, more views and a good chance of selling profitably.


Buying and Selling websites is one of the easiest ways to make passive income working at home. Now that you have the key to change your life for good, grab the information now and run with it.


Godson Great

Godson Great, a serial entrepreneur, and digital product creator. He loves the world of eCommerce and Social media. Over the years has created and sold multiple stores and businesses to young entrepreneurs.