Trading with the Ecoin Official app is now made easy using the Probit Exchange trading platform. 

Ecoin was officially launched to trade On Probit and since then, the value has jumped from $2/1000 coins to $20/1000coins. 

It’s a big opportunity to trade and be part of the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world.

Ecoin official app Probit income

 How can I trade On Ecoin Official App?

Currently, Ecoin has no Andriod or ios App for download, but you can do trading from desktop or mobile phone on the Probit platform.

Step 1:  Make sure you are registered on the Ecoin Official website.

Step 2: Signup for probit account, you may download the App for trading.

Step 3: You can fund your probit account from Bitcoin, Etherium, Ecoin, and other major currencies.

Step 4: Start trading.

Ecoin Official App Info:

Cryptocurrency: https://ecoinofficial.org/

Trading Platform: https://www.probit.com/en-us/

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