Make $3,250/mo with Ecoin Currency

Make $3,250/mo with Ecoin Currency

Ecoin airdrop currency is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world, growing with an incredible number of signups daily as seen from Ecoin official website. You can make a lot of money by simply referring someone to join the system. 

Ecoin official currently pays 1000 ecoins worth  $3 per signup (withdrawable) and will potentially worth $1,000 per signup in the future when there is the massive adoption of the Ecoin cryptocurrency. 

Now imagine having 500 signups via your referral that’s $1,500 plus other 2nd tier bonus that can boost your total earnings up to $2,000 or more.

In the final paragraph, I will show how to get massive leads with free promotion methods. Ecoin currency and earning potential is not limited to age or country. Anyone can join and profit from this growing currency.

Ecoin official can potentially change your life for better if you are willing to put in the little work of referring other people to signup to the network. Signup at Ecoin Official website here https://ecoinofficial.org/


ecoin airdrop cryptocurrency

Ecoin designed by the ex-Microsoft professional, the world’s first AI-driven Email-based Identity engine. Ecoin is an AI-driven technology that can detect genuine emails from fake emails. The identity technology ensures one person can’t claim multiple emails.

How does Ecoin Airdrop Works?

  • Ecoin works on a simple idea of a network referral model, the more the user base, the higher the currency value. 
  • The easiest way Ecoin can reach people is to give out the coin for free. Each verified email signup gets 1000ecoins. So, Ecoin wants to distribute the coin to as many people as possible.
  • The easiest way to reach a billion users is to refer more friends. Once the users reach a billion, the value of each coin worth a dollar enabling you and me to earn 10s of 1000s of dollars without risking our money.

How to make money with Ecoin Currency?

Step 1: signup with your email and earn 1000 Ecoins for free.

Step 2: Refer a friend and earn another 1000ecoins which has a real value in dollars.

As I mentioned earlier, the current value of 1000 Ecoin is 3usd, and the future value of when the coins reach a billion users could potentially worth $1,000 or more. 

The Ecoin airdrop is growing at a faster rate of about 50,000 signups per day. 

It’s the right time to take advantage of this massive opportunity that can change your life forever., 

Why you Need to act fast and signup now?

ecoin currency

The giveaway of 1000 ecoins is limited. When the number of users crosses a million, the giveaway will automatically drop to 500 ecoins, so, don’t miss the opportunity. 


This is a life-changing opportunity and unique currency that is about to take the world by surprise. Don’t ignore it. Let’s be part of this once-in-a-lifetime crypto revolution.


Ecoin Official website secure Login Panel


ps: Ecoin will never ask you to invest your money, be careful of scammers requesting some payment before you join. The Ecoin official website is https://ecoinofficial.org. 


How Ecoin currency will change the world? 


Ecoin airdrop is developing a global payment network as an alternative to the current payment system. With Ecoin, you will be able to transfer money without bank fees.


The system aims to stabilize the financial system, removing any barrier of bank fees, and allow the people in the remote areas and poorest immigrants to send money without paying the ridiculous 10% bank fees when sending money back home.


Countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe with hyperinflation that lose a dollar 10% value every day will highly benefit from this currency.

Ecoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

I am sure you have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and wondered how this system works? 

Cryptocurrency is the future digital payment system designed to run in the nex-gen technology known as Blockchain.

The new technology hasn’t reached even 10% mass adoption, yet 1Bitcoin is equivalent to $10,000, that’s crazy. 

Imagine how much digital currency will worth when people start using the currency at a massive rate.

This is the right time to take part in this future currency. It is known Cryptos don’t work well for massive adoption but Ecoin currency is designed to have the easiest distribution rate and massive adoption rate.

How ECOIN Airdrop will potentially make You 10s and 1000s of Dollars?

  • The Ecoin is only Cryptocurrency that is easy to sign up without risking investments. 
  • It’s the fastest-growing currency in the world. Earn & Use
  • An Ecoin Cryptocurrency uses ‘your Email as your Identity’ technology.
  • As Cryptocurrency onboard BILLIONS of users worldwide, it will trigger mass adoption.

How can I refer people to sign up on Ecoin Official Website? 

ecoins official website airdrop cryptocurrencies

There are many ways you can get people to sign up through your referral link. Sending referral links to your close group friends isn’t enough to make you enough Ecoin to cash out. 

Here are 7 ways to get people to register via your Ecoin referral links.

Facebook friends: share your link on your Facebook profile and encourage your friends to join. 

Facebook Group: join as many Facebook groups you can, educate people about the new currency, and encourage them to sign up. 

Make sure you read the group terms and conditions before posting. It’s is wrong to go to a group and start smashing your link here and there. 

Be resourceful and be helpful while on the group. You and they have nothing to lose. No money is required, Just email only.

Whatapp: this is another medium to share Ecoin airdrop currency with your friends. That was how I knew and joined myself. If you are smart enough, invest a little money into WhatsApp marketing, where it will be sent to thousands and millions of WhatsApp users. 

Online Forums: there are dozens of forums out there you can join for free. Contribute wisely and share valuable thoughts while promoting your referral links. This is easy very easy as no money investment is required. 

Blogs: are you a blogger? Why not write and introduce this amazing opportunity to your readers. You can potentially get a lot of people to signup via your Ecoin referral link.

Email marketing: for online savvy with email lists, this is where you can get your email list to work for you. Send the email to your list and watch your money grow exponentially. 

Press Release: For little as $35, you can get massive exposure to over 300+ media outlets. You go on Fiverr, hire a press release agent to publish content about the Ecoin airdrop currency, and syndicate to hundreds of media websites.

Use social media: Take advantage of other social media sites like Pinterest and Youtube to promote your link. 


Ecoin airdrop currency is growing at massive rate. It’s the right time to take advantage of this massive opportunity that can change your life forever. Here is my referral link, join now an let’s create a better life for yourself.

Godson Great

Godson Great, a serial entrepreneur, and digital product creator. He loves the world of eCommerce and Social media. Over the years has created and sold multiple stores and businesses to young entrepreneurs.

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  2. Good. Thanks for your tireless effort to educate me/us. I have tried to refer people but the area for referring them shows that it is temporariy closed every time I try it. What could be the problem?

    1. George, I can see you tried using the referral tool on your dashboard.

      For me, I don’t use the “invite contact” tool on my ecoin dashboard. Though, I haven’t tried it.

      What I do is to copy my referral link and post it on my forums, blogs, WhatsApp, Email to friends, and so on…

      On your dashboard, navigate to “My referral” page, there you will see your referral link.

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