Do you want to know more about the best cloud hosting providers suitable to launch your website online? Here is our top selection to help you make a better decision when choosing the right cloud hosting company.

#1CloudWays$10 – $80 Per month
#2SiteGround Cloud$80 – $240 Per month
#3HostGator Cloud$4.95 – $9.95 Per month
#4A2Hosting Cloud$5 – $15 Per month
#5DreamHost Cloud$4.5 – $48 Per month


In this blog, we are going to learn how cloud hosting works, what makes it better than the normal shared hosting server. Cloud hosting is ideal for any business or website looking forward to scaling with more hosting resources.

What is the meaning of cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting service that stores your site on multiple servers. This system provides the efficiency required to serve your website to your visitors in the shortest amount of time possible. This one feature makes it more efficient than a single server or virtual server.

Cloud hosting is very efficient, reliable, flexible and scalable of all hosting types. It can handle traffic spikes and dip at any time. These features make it a better option for medium or large websites.


Let’s jump into a quick review and compare cloud hosting providers to know what each company has to offer. Our review and ranking will be base general performance, Speed, price and, customer support.  We will also look at the scalability, uptime, server features and flexibility. Lets get started:


It is the overall best cloud hosting provider. It is a managed cloud hosting platform meaning they help you do most of the management while you focus on your business. Cloudways comes with an innovative platform that empowers your website for potential growth.


Worry Free

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Manage security
  • Manage Backups
  • Powerful cloudways bots

Simplicity OF choice

  • Unlimited Application
  • Supports All Php Apps
  • Up to 5 Cloud Providers
  • Inovative cPanel

High Performance

  • Come with Advance caching
  • Php built in server
  • Cloudways CDN
  • Optimized Stack


Most businesses manage their website with WordPress  because it is easy to use. CloudWays is one of the best-managed WordPress hostings when it comes to cloud hosting. They take the hassle related to cloud hosting and make it easy to scales your business with WordPress.

The cloud web hosting come with excellent features for easy hosting. They provide simplified CloudwaysCDN and Cloudways cache for fast performance. All these features come as a single bundle in your hosting plan.

Features of CloudWays Hosting Service

  • 24/7 support at any time of the day
  • Pay as you go.
  • You are billed as per resources consumed
  • Migrate your first website for free
  • Easy to install free SSL certificate
  • No contract. Freely use the services

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siteground cloud web hosting company

SiteGround has a fixed cloud hosting plan. You already know what you will get from this hosting provider. SiteGround cloud hosting provides you with excellent features to help you manage and scale your site anytime necessary.

SiteGround gives you the flexibility to switch in between hosting plans. So if you already with them and planning on migrating to the cloud, then you are good to go.

SiteGround Cloud Server

SiteGround provides you the flexibility to keep growing while hosting on a cloud server. Siteground cloud server offers you some advanced features such as;

Guaranteed Resources: If your current shared hosting solution isn’t meeting your website need, then it is time to migrate to the cloud. SiteGround cloud hosting offer you a dedicated resource to better optimize the efficiency of your website. It provides the required speed needed to keep your visitors and Google happy.

Fully Managed Services: SiteGround helps you to manage your hosting while you focus on your business issues. There IT support is available 24/7 to solve and mitigate any problem to keep your site at high performance.

Easy Scaling: Siteground cloud hosting provides you an easy scaling platform to better manage your website. You can add CPU and RAM to support your resources at any time. You can take advantage of their automatic “adds to add” resources at the time of unexpected traffic spike.

Easy management of Sub Accounts: You can host and manage your clients account in your cloud hosting plan.  Siteground advance structure allows you to create a stand-alone hosting account in your cloud hosting.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting WordPress

You can host your WordPress site on the cloud and enjoy the amazing speed and performance offered by SiteGround cloud hosting. Using your WordPress on cloud host allows you do perform the following;

  • Start & Manage updates: The cloud plan can automatically manage your WordPress and WooCommerce updates seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Caching: The package comes with an SG optimizer that helps to compress large images, minimize CSS, Java scripts to speed up your website.
  • Staging: Come with a convenient staging tool to make your WordPress or WooCommerce function at optimum.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plan

Take a look at the cloud hosting plan. Check out the suitable plan for your business and start hosting

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HostGator cloud hosting provides 2X faster website speed, 4X resources than normal shared hosting plan. In addition, you will get FREE domain registration when you signup for cloud annual plan. Let’s dive into some indebt reviews of this plan.

What is HostGator Cloud Hosting?

It is a comprehensive type of hosting that provides you extensive tools and resources to manage your website at an optimum level. HostGator cloud hosting comes with supporting features such as Free domain, webs builder tools, unlimited email, unlimited bandwidth, and storage.

How Secure is Cloud Hosting?

HostGator cloud hosting distributes a mirrored copy of your data in multiple devices to ensure maximum safety. They employ a number of security measures to protects your information from malwares.. HostGator uses updated technologies to protect its server from hacking and phishing. The server is monitored 24/7 all around.

How Reliable is Cloud Hosting?

In general cloud hosting has your data sitting on multiple servers. It safeguards your data in case of physical damage on one server location.  When a data center fails as a result of hardware issues your site wouldn’t be affected.

 Hostgator cloud hosting review


  • The load time of your website is extremely fast due to multiple server and caching layers.
  • You website content is managed more effectively and serve your content at lightning speed to your website visitors.
  • The cloud hosting turbocharges your website at high performance.


  • You website respond automatically when there is a traffic spike.
  • No down time. In one simple click, you can allocate resources to your server.
  • The server allocation and management levels are at optimum.


  • Instant resources management tool available at your disposal
  • A dashboard that shows trends like Uptime, speed of the site and global reach
  • Understand your site performance via an intuitive dashboard.

Hostgator cloud hosting Features

  • cPanel: You can manage a lot of features from your HostGator cloud hosting cPanel. These include creating new accounts, domain, emails and so much more.
  • Data mirroring: Your website data is distributed in multiple devices to ensure maximum safety
  • Integrated Caching: Your website will load much faster because of high cache configurations.
  • Resource Management: You have total control over your usage. Allocate resources at any time.
  • Automatic Failover: If the current hardware develops some issues, your website automatically switches to another server.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Easy access to all your website information such as tracking, performance, and metrics.

Hostgator cloud Server Cost


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4. A2Hosting Web Hosting

a2 hosting cloud hosting server

A2 Hosting has a high-performance cloud server delivering high blazing speed to your website. The high-performance server is known as SwiftServer.

The server multiple’s your page loading speed by 300% than normal standard hosting. A2 Hosting is a renowned cloud hosting provider you can rely on.

A2Hosting Cloud Server Features

  • Delivering 20X blazing speed
  • Ability to adjust your cloud resources
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support services at your reach
  • Top-notch and reliable cloud hosting service

Why Choose A2 Hosting

  • High Performance: 1-seconds delay can impact your position on search engine and high bounce rate. A2 hosting provides you with a swift server delivering a 20X turbocharge speed.
  • Custom Solution: Ability to allocated resources to your server at any time. That means you can do away with the resources you don’t which to pay. Risk-free and money-back guaranteed.
  • Developer Friendly: You have full control of your server as a developer. Full access to server files. Ability to reload your server with a new OS when you choose Linux OS
  • Ultra-Reliable: 24/7 full support from their dedicated staff. When you signup your cloud hosting account, you are provided with latest security patches

A2 Hosting Pricing Plan


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dreamhost top cloud providers

DreamHost is not left out from the list of our top cloud providers to be reviewed.  DreamHost provides the cloud computing leverage to design your server you want it.

  • Unapparelled Speed: The server operates with the next-gen processor, SSD Disk and accelerated network for high-speed delivery.
  • Full Control: you have full control over your server and roots files. Choose your server type be it Linux, MS window or BSD.
  • Scalable Server: Employable API that allows you to change your server via command line tool. Do you need to migrate to the server? They will help you to handle it when the time comes.

DreamHost Cloud Objects

  • Fully scalable options and Perfect for Web development.
  • Secure your files using advance objects like the next-Cloud, DropShare, CloudBerry and Retrospect.
  • Automate your WordPress backup seamlessly, upload images and display images with a shortcode.

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Scalable: it is easy to maintain and scalable as your business grows. Cloud hosting provides you the option to increase the capacity of your hosting resources when your business is expanding online with more traffic.

A business that uses cloud hosting has more advantage over the competitors. Cloud hosting comes with amazing features that are not available on other types of hosting plan

Data Secured & Disaster Recover: The system is safe because your data is kept on different servers. When a server is down it switches to another server automatically. Even in case of a physical disaster like storm or flooding, your data will be served from other backup servers.

Auto Software Update: When there is a new upgrade or patches, the server automatically updates itself. You don’t have to grow to worry about maintaining the system. The server will run every software upgrade in your server and website.

Increase Productivity: The nature of the system allows your team to share and manage document at any time, and from anywhere.

Operate with flexibility: Some cloud hosting services have a mobile app that allows you to manage your work from anywhere. People love to operate with flexibility and this will increase the productivity of your team.

What is the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting?

The difference between shared web hosting and cloud hosting is how the two technology operates. In Share hosting many websites are manage from the same server, sharing the same resources and I.p. Cloud hosting operates in a different server, and allows you to allocate resources from your cPanel. It is callable, reliable and safe.

Is cloud hosting better?

Cloud host is a better option over shared hosting because it is reliable, handles traffic spike and has improved security. However, it attracts an extra budget to run a cloud hosting plan. It is a little more expensive than shared hosting. Overall, Cloud hosting is better than shared hosting and I recommend it for medium and large websites. Read cloud vs shared hosting

Is cloud hosting better than VPS?

Cloud Hosting is better than VPS is various aspect. You can scale on cloud hosting while VPS doesn’t have the option to do this. VPS hosting is a dedicated physical server while cloud hosting is sitting on many server. VPS hosting might be cheaper than Cloud hosting but it’s less secure.


Here are top 10 cheap cloud hosting you may like. The above mentioned “5 Best cloud hosting providers” fall in the list but we wouldn’t be mentioning them here.

  • Vultr Cloud hosting
  • Kamatera Cloud Hosting
  • Host1Plus
  • Digital Ocean
  • Interserver
  • Linode
  • Atlantic.Net


The above reviewed cloud hosting providers is ranked base on performance, speed, uptime, and cost. With there hosting service, you are sure of getting the best value for your money.

You may also want to try other cheap cloud providers here. They also offer amazing value compared to the ones not mentioned in this blog. Happy Hosting

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